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Back To Santa Barbara
09/12/17Urlacher Parlor and Concert Guitars were on display during the 2017 Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration. SBAIC features handmade stringed instruments exhibited by their creators. This three day event is a great opportunity to meet luthiers in person and play some of the finest guitars made. Pictured here is guitarist Mark Lemaire performing on two of my guitars. Thank you Mark! Check out the Santa Barbara Aciustic Instrument Celebration
Flamewood Concert Guitar Complete
09/10/17The back and sides of this guitar are made with Flamewood. It is a true Rosewood originating from Laos, SE Asia. Characteristics are hard, dense, and displays a beautiful chatoyance. This wood is similar to Cocobolo but much harder to find. To complement straight quartersawn grain of the Flamewood, I have selected a master grade Bearclaw Sitka Spruce top. Available, please inquire.
Urlacher Dreadnought on its way
05/01/17It may be typical for builders to start their catalog of guitar models with mid-size and large body guitars, and in time, add to the mix a small body guitar. For me it has been just the opposite. Near the time I launched my guitar making career, I was drawn to a parlor guitar that Joan Baez was playing in concert. I loved the rich tone and shimmery high-end. Over the years I have enjoyed the challenge of building smaller guitars that compete with the "biggies" for projection and fullness of tone. With that said, the dreadnought model has its place in the world of guitar music, known for its loud voice and robust low-end. I'm excited to be adding a modified dreadnought to the Urlacher line-up.
Northwest Handmade Instrument Exhibit
04/27/17Proud moment to have guitarist Doug Smith perform on my guitars at the 2017 Northwest Handmade Instrument Exhibit. What an honor and a treat to hear. Thank you Doug!
Back To Santa Barbara
04/05/17Currently on the workbench is a Brazilian Rosewood parlor guitar with elegant Black & White Striped Ebony accents. As much as I enjoy working with a client to design their dream guitar, it is also incredibly satisfying to rummage through the wood stash to select woods with a specific aesthetic vision and tone quality in mind. I can't wait to string up this guitar!
Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration
07/22/16Urlacher Guitars is headed to the SBAIC this fall and I couldn't be more excited! This exhibit features work by over 100 luthiers, music concerts, master classes and trade show. I am most eager to meet contemporary masters who's dedication to the craft and work I've admired for years. You may be able to find me at the booth of Gallery Hardwoods where my friend Larry Davis will have a healthy stash of his amazing tonewoods for purchase. The show dates are September 29th - October 2nd.
Redwood with Curly Koa
01/10/16With a desire to experience building with various top materials, it was an easy choice to select this very old Redwood top for my latest build. This wood is lighter in weight than Sitka but still maintains incredible stiffness and has a musical tap tone. I wasn't sure if I would love the atheistic look of a Redwood top guitar, but paired with this stunning reddish-golden set of Hawaiian Curly Koa, I was pleasantly surprised with the end result! As for the tonal character, this parlor guitar displays a slightly dark tone with a crisp, bold response. Redwood/Koa is a winning combination that I will continue to use for Urlacher Guitars! See and hear Don Latarski playing redwood/koa parlor guitar.
Matthew Urlacher
05/12/15Urlacher Guitars exists greatly due in part to Matt Urlacher. I feel incredibly fortunate to have shared over twelve years with this fun-loving, supportive guy who encouraged me to follow my passion for building guitars. Aside from raising our son, my fondest memories with Matt were going to various music venues to see our favorite singer-songwriters perform. Music gave Matt comfort and peace while struggling with life circumstances. Music is healing and gives me hope looking into the future. Guitars are beautiful, intricate objects and the music they make is endlessly inspiring. Matt's love of art and my craft will live on as I string up every new guitar - the first few notes are *always* for you.
Connor Garvey Plays Urlacher Parlor Guitar
03/15/15I am thrilled to announce that the very talented singer-songwriter Connor Garvey is now playing an Urlacher Parlor Guitar. It has been a pleasure getting to know Connor and his music! His resume of musical achievements and awards is impressive, including: 2014 Kerville Folk Festival - New Folk Competition WINNER, and 2014 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival "MOST WANTED" Artist. To learn more about Connor's experience playing his Urlacher Guitar, visit my Testimonials page. Also, I highly recommend checking out Connor's website, where you will find clever melodies and inspiring lyrics!
Ervin Somogyi Voicing Class
Ervin Somogyi Voicing Class
03/01/15I just returned from an intense and inspiring 10 days working with internationally renowned master luthier, Ervin Somogyi. This class focuses on voicing techniques and explores the principles behind why guitars sound the way that they do. It was a thrill to hear a couple Somogyi guitars in person, and to study with one of the greatest luthiers of our time! Ervin's ability as a teacher matches his expertise in the field of guitar making. I highly recommend this class to any experienced builder who wants to better understand how a guitar top/soundbox works.

Also, a big THANK YOU to fellow luthiers; Bradley Daniels, Ho Zen, and Jerry Brown, for helping to make this class the best it could be. I look forward to following your guitar making careers!
Tracy Grammer to perform at Urlacher Guitars 10/10!
Tracy Grammer to perform at Urlacher Guitars
09/15/14I am excited to announce that singer-songwriter Tracy Grammer will perform a house concert at Urlacher Guitars. Tracy is a long-time favorite musician of mine so it is a great honor to be hosting this event. Doors @ 7:30 and show @ 8:00pm. Please email: to reserve a seat. Hope to see you there!

"Tracy Grammer is a brilliant artist and unique individual. Her voice is distinctive, as is her mastery over the instrument she plays." - Joan Baez
Urlacher Short-Scale Petite Guitar is Here!
Urlacher Short-Scale Petite Guitar is Here!
06/20/14 Recently off the workbench is a 24in. scale length Urlacher Petite. The body style shape is based off my Concert Guitar, although the Petite is roughly 3/4 size. The back & sides of this guitar are made with a stunning set of Oregon Myrtle and a nicely complimenting Engelmann Spruce for the top. This guitar fits comfortably in the lap and is a dream to play for someone with smaller hands. Please inquire for pictures and price.
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