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Brazilian Rosewood Beauty Delivered
Brazilian Rosewood Beauty Delivered
03/10/14 Though rare and expensive, especially in fine quality, Brazilian Rosewood is traditionally regarded as the finest of tonewoods. It offers clarity, a warm rich tone with full bases and sparkling trebles. This wood is a pleasure to work with; it rings out like a bell when tapped, and dust particles fill the shop with a sweet intoxicating scent. This Concert Style guitar back boasts a striking sapwood center with contrasting dark-brown marbled figure. I will be building a few more instruments with this premier tonewood.
Concert Window
01/07/14 Exciting technology; allows you to watch live concerts in real-time on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This is a great way to see artists that you may not see otherwise *and* support live music from the comfort of your home. I may even get to see/hear an Urlacher Guitar from time to time. Check out Concert Window.
Carolan's Welcome CD
Carolan's Welcome
02/28/11 Exciting young artist, Alison Helzer's solo release is here! Although Alison is best known as a tenor banjo player she is also accomplished on tenor guitar, six-string guitar, and octave mandolin. In addition to traditional Celtic music she occasionally performs bluegrass, classical, and American folk music.
Hear Alison on her Urlacher Tenor Guitar or for more information, please visit Alison's website at
Claro Walnut Guitar For Sale
Claro Walnut Concert Guitar Page
01/20/10 Recently completed is a highly figured Claro Walnut Concert Guitar which features a very old and uniquely striped Sitka Spruce top. This guitar is great for medium strumming and the fingerstylist. Tone is rich and responsive with good separation. Price: $4,200. SOLD
Urlacher Tenor Guitar on the Horizon
Urlacher Tenor Guitar on the Horizon
05/28/08 For the last few weeks I have been in the process of designing a tenor guitar that is loosely based off the Martin 0-18T. The Urlacher tenor will have a slightly larger body than the Martin but a considerably smaller body than a standard OM shape. The scale length will be the same at 23 inches, and I will be offering a six-string version of this guitar as well. More details and pictures to come!
Ellis Paul Plays Urlacher Parlor Guitar
Ellis Paul Plays Urlacher Parlor Guitar
04/27/08 Ellis Paul returned to the Pacific Northwest with shows in Eugene, Portland and Seattle. We enjoyed another great set from Ellis as well as songs by Antje Duvekot. Ellis picked up his parlor guitar on his way through Eugene and played it the next couple of nights. Here is Ellis at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in Seattle.
Brazilian Rosewood Guitar in Progress
Brazilian Rosewood Guitar in Progress
03/07/08 For this grand concert guitar, I have selected a beautiful set of Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides. There will be striking sap wood accents and ebony binding. The top of this guitar is Adirondack spruce, known more for its stiffness and favorable tone quality rather than its appearance.
This guitar is being built in loving memory of Danielle (Urlacher) Hosterman, 1974 - 2008. To honor Danielle and to give back to a place where she found comfort, endless support and love; 20% from the sale of this guitar will be donated to the North Star Lodge of Yakima, in Danielle's name.
Koa Parlor Guitar Completed!
Koa Parlor Guitar
01/26/08 This golden colored sitka spruce top has been seasoned for over 70 years which contributes to the sweet tone of this guitar. Matching nicely are Hawaiian Curly Koa back and sides. One of the most sought after tonewoods available, Koa has become scarce making it quite expensive and harder to obtain in recent years.
Urlacher Guitar Played at Mississippi Studios
Mississippi Studios
10/28/07 Here's my little ol' guitar hanging out on the stage of Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon. Catie Curtis was in town for two shows and this Urlacher Parlor Guitar filled in for Catie's vintage Gibson that did not make the west coast tour this time. Big fun!
Mississippi Studios is a charming venue that features live bands, full bar and a recording studio. This venue provides an opportunity to hear established musicians play in an intimate setting.
Urlacher Guitar played by Tracy Grammer
Book of Sparrows
10/19/07 Tracy Grammer's forthcoming EP Book of Sparrows, includes the song "Travis John" which was recorded with her Urlacher Parlor Guitar. Please visit Tracy Grammer for more information and visit Tracy's myspace page to hear this powerful peace-movement song.
2007 Handmade Instrument Exhibit
Handmade Instrument Exhibit
04/01/07 On Saturday and Sunday, April 28th and 29th, the 31st Annual Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit will be held on the lovely campus of Marylhurst University near Portland, Oregon. The exhibition features instrument makers and performers of the Pacific Northwest. For a list of exhibitors and directions, visit their site: Northwest Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit. I am busy this month preparing for the show and also in the midst of making a very special parlor guitar. More details to come!
Catie Curtis in Town
Catie Curtis
11/16/06 Here's Catie Curtis playing my myrtlewood guitar at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, OR. Catie is an incredibly gifted, soulful Boston-based singer-songwriter. I've been a long time fan of Catie's music - I highly recommend checking it out!
Sisters Folk Festival with Ellis Paul
Ellis Paul
09/08/06 Today I had the good fortune to meet Ellis Paul (amazing Boston-based singer-songwriter) at the Sisters Folk Festival. Ellis played my parlor guitar before his set and liked it enough that he took it up on stage and played several songs with it. Ellis was impressed with the tone of this sweet little guitar and had a hard time putting it down. What a treat to hear songs I love and listen to all the time played with one of my guitars. - Thanks Ellis!!
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