Welcome to Rebecca Urlacher Guitars

Since 2002 it has been my passion to understand the intricacies of the steel-string acoustic guitar and to build instruments that embrace exceptional tone and beauty. I am intrigued by the ever-changing nature of guitars; the forms they take, the materials that are used, the building process, and the tone that matures once a guitar comes to life. The art of lutherie is a lifelong challenge and passion that combines my background in Fine Arts and my love for music. If you are interested in commissioning a handcrafted guitar or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Fine Handcrafted Guitars

Every Urlacher Guitar is made by me; one at a time with a high level of focus and attention to detail from start to finish. Guitar tops and brace wood are mindfully selected and carefully dimensioned, carved and sanded to produce optimum tone. I build with various high grade exotic hardwoods for back and sides to meet specific aesthetic and tonal preferences. Figured wood binding and unique wood rosettes adorn every guitar. It is important to me that each guitar be crafted meticulously inside and out. Please visit the Guitars tab to view images of featured Urlacher Guitars.

Bellezza Guitar Stand

This handcrafted wood guitar stand is lightweight and it's thoughtful design shows virtually all of the guitar from any angle. Your valued instrument rests securely on a cradle form, there is no danger of swaying or stress to the neck from hanging. Our stands are individually handcrafted with the same high level of skill and precision that is required for guitar building. Please visit the Bellezza Guitar Stands page.