Welcome to Urlacher Guitars!

Since 2002 it has been my passion to understand the intricacies of the acoustic guitar, and to build instruments having exceptional tone and beauty. It is my goal to provide reasonably priced instruments to players who are looking for a custom guitar to fit their playing style. Music has added such richness to my life, it gives me great pleasure to create inspiring instruments for artists who inspire people with their gift of music. If you are interested in commissioning a handcrafted guitar, or have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

Fine Handcrafted Guitars

Every Urlacher Guitar is made one at a time using high grade tonewoods. Each soundboard is carefully dimensioned and tuned to produce optimum tone. I enjoy building with different exotic hardwoods for back and sides to meet various aesthetic and tonal preferences. Exotic wood binding and rosette, along with pearl inlay adorn every guitar. It is important to me that each guitar be crafted meticulously inside and out. Please feel free to visit the guitar building process page to see features of an Urlacher Guitar. Also, check out detailed images of various featured handcrafted guitars in the gallery.

Handcrafted Wood Guitar Stands

Have you found it difficult to find an attractive stand that does not detract from the beauty of your acoustic guitar? I build the Bellezza Guitar Stand that not only secures your instrument, but is skillfully handcrafted and elegant in design. Your precious guitar will be proud to rest on a Bellezza Guitar Stand!